About us

is a SME operating in Niche Markets. We Manufacture selected chemicals for identified end users in :

* Bulk Drugs

* Dyestuff

* Disperse Dyes
* Pigments
* Surfactants
* Textile Auxiliaries
* Adhesives
* Water Treatment Chemicals
* Epoxy Curing Agents
* Mining

We have achieved leadership position in our chosen areas leading to import substitution and exports. We command a share of more than 80% in many of the Products in Local Market.

* Attention to Stringent Quality
* Identifying with the Customer
* Dedicated Customer Service

In the modern age of Information Technology, we strive to integrate ourselves,
with our Customers, in their Value Chain.

We have been accredited as ISO 9001 : 2008 in Year-2011 by UKAS and NABCB.

Our Mission

It is our Mission to be Leading Player and be acknowledged as Technological Leaders for Cost Efficient Production and Supply in our Segment of the Industry. We strive to achieve a more meaningful relationship with our Customers as Partners in Progress, with Long Term perspective rather than Short Term Gains.

Our Commitment to Performance motivates us to encourage learning within the Organization, providing room for Personal Growth and Achievement. All training is focused to ensure that our Team is technically updated and in tune with latest Research and Development in the International field.

We stay competitive at all times by Innovation, Research, Productivity, Quality Control and Motivation.


To become a Rs. 500 Million (approx. US $12 Million) Company by 2005.


We believe that we cannot succeed without merging our needs with those of all the people who have a stake in our success.

(✓) Employees who work with enthusiasm and dedication        because they feel Challenged and valued
() Customers who require stringent quality standards and        concern about their satisfaction.
() Suppliers who appreciate us because we are demanding but        fair.


An Organization needs to have a set of values that drive every phase of its operation with passion and commitment. How we do things is often as important as what we do.

We conduct all our dealings ethically and with integrity.

()  We are focused on human and product safety and respect  the environment.
()  We strive for teamwork and respect for individuals.
()  We are committed to open, honest communication and  listening.
()  We foster personal development and professional  excellence.
()  We recognize and reward individuals who contribute to our  success.