Inducted professionals to help and assist in running of the Company in a professionalized manner.

Diversified into manufacturing Short Chain Amines and used his marketing capabilities to        push the Company to achieve Market Share in excess of 80%.

Is a strong believer in constant improvement and learning and encourages the staff to attend         useful Training Programs and leads by example.

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Mr. Salim Memon

Mr. Salim Memon is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company. His Career Highlights are :

Vast Industrial experience spread over 40 Years.

Took over Sigma Solvents, a Partnership Firm in the year 1977.

Corporatorised the Firm with a vision for Growth and Expansion.

Personally contributed to improve the yields and productivity in the        manufacture of Chloral. Persisted and successfully achieved tapping,        extracting and commercialising the manufacture of Ethyl Chloride, a
       by-product in the manufacture of Chloral.