The Approach To Success

(✓) Quality, which is second to none in the country.

(✓) Competitive pricing.

(✓) On-time delivery

(✓) Proactive advancement rather than reactive
        approach to our customer needs.

2) Stores and Spare Parts: These are subjected to visual inspection and wherever
    possible specific performance quality checks like pressure tests etc.

3) Production in Process: Samples are continuously drawn at different stages in
    the production process for analysis by GLC. That apart, various related production
    parameters are monitored continuously as per prescribed procedures.

4) Finished Goods: Finished good samples are drawn at the filling station and sent to the laboratory for     testing. If any of the samples fails to pass the test, the entire batch is rejected and is subjected to     reprocessing. The quantity of samples to be drawn has a direct relationship to the batch quantity     manufactured and has been statistically determined. Quantities of samples drawn are reviewed     periodically and altered if necessary.

Confronting The Competition

Realizing the changing forces of competition, unleashed by the process of globalization, we are expanding our capacity to derive economies of scale.


We constantly Innovate - To DEVELOP NEW PRODUCTS and to ECONOMIZE THE COST of the existing Products.

Quality Control

Quality Control at Sigma is an important function, directly reporting to the Works Director. Sigma has a well laid out quality check procedure for raw materials, production in process and
finished goods. Briefly the procedures are:

1) Raw Materials: All chemical raw materials are subjected to     laboratory tests on the basis of random selection. If any     sample fails to measure to required specification, the whole     supply lot is rejected.

Environmental Concerns

SSPL is conscientious about the environment and continuously makes efforts neutralize the pollutants so as to render them completely safe for discharge. It also has its own effluent treatment plan and the treated effluents are discharged into the common effluent treatment plant for further refinement. Compliance with environmental control regulations is directly under thecharge of the Technical Director, who is based at the plant. This indicates the importance attached by the Company to Environmental issues and compliance.